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I kinda stopped


I barely have enough to keep one blog going – let alone two. The starting of mymainelife has detracted COMPLETELY from my posting here. As a matter of fact it has been over a year since I posted an entry. I need to figure out the vector between the two outlets and commit.

Anyway, back to Mittenstock after a couple of weeks away. The sunset last night was off the hook. I was doing other things when I glanced out to the deck and then did the mad scramble to set  up the camera.

It was, like so many others- an ephemeral affair but spectacular.

We picked up Sally’s new up and down kit from Stan and Dan’s today. All I need to do is cut the skins. A very nice setup.

We could see the snowmelt in the swift this afternoon. Despite the crazy warm temperatures today – we could be in the season any day (well, not in the immediate forecast, but you know what I mean)

Oak Ridge


Chocorua is such a lens magnet – I purposely avoided it for a few frames.

Oak ridge is in form – Strong orange band.

Still lots of seasonal color to be had on this last weekend of October.

First Flakes


Snow on the rockpile today – We drove up to Pinkham the back way (Dundee) through Jackson. W was covered in clouds yesterday so we took the boys back to Foss this afternoon. So nice up there.

So loving fall – So looking forward to winter!

Foss Mountain


The Foss Mountain surprise

Crazy road to get out there but a short walk (just over half a mile) up a gentle grade to get to this magical spot in New Hampshire.

Like I had done in the big media post a couple of days ago- I shot some panoramas.

Thats a little one –

For this one I took 25 frames – 5×5. This is just the thumb. If you feel like using up your KB’s then go ahead and click into it for an insane amount of pixels. Raw from the camera it is 1.7GP (yup – gigapixels)



If you are still reading…

Here is a 4x movie of the drive in from Snowvillage Inn up to parking.

FossMtnDrive from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

The bridge formed up this morning


A couple of nice shots if you like rainbows.

Drop the Bomb


Bomb Cyclone that is…

We kept power both on the coast as well as here at Mittenstock. Internet was out on the coast, but compared to people looking at three days or more without power, we got lucky.

The leaves are starting to fall – but plenty of color and grand seasonal views remain.


Got this shot of clearing on the evening of the 17th

Back to East Ledges


It has been a while. Some years in fact since we last dropped a rope on this great spot. A more magnificent setting for a day out climbing I can not imagine.

Just under three miles up – it was a hump with the addition of ropes and a rack but the two seniors made it up OK.

The wind was whipping and right into the cliff face which added to the mountain feel of things.

The view is a full wilderness view. The only thing the eye can find is some tree harvesting boundary from some years ago.  Looking due lease at the back side of Chocoura in the distance the northern limit of the Sandwich range was bathed in full fall color.

We set up on the big shelf at the southern end of the east ledges. One good looking bolt and some gear in a nearby crack allowed us to take turns on a couple of lines on the face.

The granite was clean – probably from being blasted by the elements. Fine face climbing on warm sunny stone – such fun.

Back to Redstone


This time we scrambled up to the pink quarry – quite a climb actually. The scale is crazy and the views were fabulous with fall color in full bloom

Last call at the hut


Next time we get to have brews at the hut there will be snow on the ground. On Sunday we took the chair up for some views and brews. Crowds were large but tolerable. Everyone out in the sun having fun and making memories.


Big Media


I remember my first hard disk. Five and a quarter inch full hight Ten megabyte aftermarket hard drive for the original IBM PC.

Here are two photographic compositions from this morning. I say compositions because each one is composed of multiple exposures. The first is a simple three shot panorama merged in Lightroom then exported as both a jpeg (the one in this post) and an un-compressed tiff file that you can find here if you have a really fast internet connection and are interested in seeing. It is large. Read on to find out how large.

The second one is a two shot panorama made from two five shot HDR’s (so that’s ten frames in total) You can find the ‘full res’ version here.


Both of these shots are massively reduced to be workable for a blog post. Consider the first shot.Call it 630MB.  It would have taken seven of my original hard disks to hold this single photo – It would have take fourteen of them to have enough space to process this single composition (between the originals, the stitch and merge and the export to tiff). If you had told me back then that one day I would be doing such things I doubt I would have believed you. Perhaps – just not in my lifetime.


Anyway – enjoy the view. I sure did.