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The last seven days


Been away from Mittenstock –

Building a barn in North Yarmouth.


This was a week ago;

And seven days later –

Black Cap and Black Flies


Done this before – several times. Hit the trailhead around 6PM and the mountain is likely to be empty. There was one other car in the lot, and we crossed paths as we were ascending. We had the mountain to ourselves.

Well, not completely to ourselves. The black flies were in FULL bloom. Clouds. Hoards. Masses.  Thank god for head nets and petrochemical topical barriers.  They were thick.

Still worth it. It was Sammy’s first time on this old standard of a hike. We had dinner in the bear den with great views.  There was little lingering – more like get it done and get down. We did not stay for sunset.

Off Menu


Hobbs Brook –

Barely on the map – yet so worth the visit.

If you love waterfalls, dogs, blue skies and sunshine… Well…


HobbsBrook from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

Sundown Again


Or Boulder Loop Trail…

This could be the first time around it since the burn last year..

Up the west side trail – to the view then back. Three easy miles with great views.

Recent clearing and cutting activity affords views towards rainbow slabs and table mountain
The fire burned for a couple three days or so. November 13th 2016 was when it started. It took a rainstorm to put it out.

I watched the burn last November from Mittenstock and grabbed some of the action in a time lapse I shot on the day. At times the house was quite smokey smelling as the wind took the smoke right down the valley towards us.

From the front porch at Mittenstock you have no trouble spotting the overlook at the top of boulder loop trail. It is five and a half miles distant. I shot a bearing on the compass before heading out so I might reverse the bearing and definitively photograph Mittenstock from the top. This was the result.

In the right third – lower down from middle you can clearly see Mittenstock with the two skylights and the stove pipe between them. Click into the attachment and you will have no problem full size…


The day was nice while we were out – Raining as I post this, but we got the obligatory poster shots..


Caught this vulture cruising the updraft from the cliffs.


Looking west towards east ledges and Pasaconway.

Lady Slipper Season…


Back to the car. Still a little between seasons. The area was not crowded at all.



The view from the deck has improved..

First clear morning since the cut.

I shot this from a tripod on the deck. It is a composite HDR two frame panorama composed from three frame single stop HDR images on the FX sensor of the D810. I believe that nikon raw uncompressed is around 70 mb / frame – roughly 420MB of raw data. The featured image for this post is a massively reduced JPG. The high res jpg here by comparison. Still compressed. If you click that link, let it load, and on most browsers, click it again you will get the compressed yet full size composition.  For the truly interested, I exported the composition to DNG and you can find that here. Do a save as on that link and load it in whatever you use for DNG’s . Thems a lot of pixels.

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I ran a single axis (pan) motion head on Saturday and Sunday this holiday weekend. This was the result.


At the border

A go-to hike on days like this…

4 mile along the river.

Found some snow – swam the pups – had a great hike

Understanding being here now


This was one of the best videos to come across Vimeo in a while – at least for me – now…

End of the line


Winters Last Slice from Mittenstock

A strange feast / famine winter for sure. Thought it would never get going at one point, thought it would never end at another.

A few snaps from the last full winter trip to Mittenstock. Cranmore would close the next weekend and I spent two days non stop skiing on peak conditions.

It was also perhaps Jakes last round up at Mittenstock as well.

Time goes on.

Gears have changed on the gap season. Bike is out, and the BD ride is two days away. We are working on building the barn and looking forward to more adventures to come.

Why, hello there


Sure did get cold again.

We went out Nanamocomuk on Saturday, along the river for a few miles. The windchill had to be -20 or so – with the ambient at around 6 and the wind WHIPPING along the river valley.

So cold. Six degrees and 30MPH winds for this shot from the posing rock near the covered bridge.

I decided it was the perfect time to practice flying my new Steadicam. I had the D810 with 20mm 1.8 and the RODE video mic pro. In manual at 1080 /30 onto the SD (compressed, sadly). Bummed with the results. Everywhere I read it says – practice practice practice – story of my life. I will say it was a rough first time out, conditions and all, 30MPH winds with easy -20 wind chill straight into the face. Hard to stay steady in those winds. I put the rough cut up on Vimeo in case you are that interested in the results

I’m Flying from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

The days stats from the weather station – The image link will take you to current conditions and the history page for March 4.

Sunday was a day of exploration around the hood. A scant mile from the house lies Mitten summit – stellar views up the valley on a cold and clear day. Hiking in crampons up the frozen slope under blue bird skies. Simply does not get better than this.

Looking due north from the slopes of Mitten Summit – Washington dominates the view

The Hood from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

Sammy during the descent back towards home from Mitten Summit.

Clear the roof


That’s a lot of snow to shovel.

But we did.

Clear The Roof from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.