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Friday the Thirteenth


The Thirteenth.

I felt lucky today…

Drove over in the morning – working from the deck this afternoon and this evening. Air is chill and the sky is clear. The sun is now dropping towards Wonalancet and there is a distinct feeling that must be reconciled. Summer is over.

The Movie





Downes Brook on Labor Day Weekend


Despite the parking lot at overflow – We encountered but one other couple today on our out and back along the classic Downes Brook Trail.

We went up to the fifth crossing then found a nice pool to enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Still working on the video, but here is the day in pictures –

And the video from the day will have to wait – filled up all available disk space while transcoding it….

Memories of Squam -19

The classic Yard Island View

A work in process, but here it is so far….

Click through the thumbs, but be advised that some of them are full size pro-res jpg’s – but WORTH it


New gallery – now with more smiles… and smaller files (faster load times)


On Squam from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.



# Midsummer
Bathed by the flickering orange light of the Tiki lamps, the golden retrievers lay sleeping on the deck overlooking the mountains after a mid summers day spent swimming in rivers, chasing sticks and romping across wooded paths. Between songs you could hear the sounds of merriment waft from the houses below. The sun had set and the stars were coming out while the wisps of campfire spawns long forgotten memories of other mid summers past.
The bat and the lightning bug alternate for the eyes attention while searching for early constellations in the fresh night sky.



Some are better than others – Last night it was not bad at all.


I shot a movie of the clearing –

Sunset from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.



Some shots from the weekend. Sunsets and some HDR pano’s




Dog river river dogs


Out to another favorite spot today for a quick walk and a swim. This time I dragged along the D70 and a couple of condenser mic’s to grab some 96k stereo river sounds. Came out well enough. No motion in the shots – I had neither a fluid head or a slider. One of these times we will bring it all together.

Bear Brook from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

I got some stills as well.



Days like this.


Just living the dream.


A slice of Olivarian

Another little drop

Great day along a favorite trail –

Olivarian Brook is a nice flat walk up a gorgeous mountain brook and is a quite peaceful slice of biome of the area.

Olivarian from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.


Next time I am going to pack in the audio equipment and see if I cant grab some 5.1 of the river with a nice slow and STEADY (sorry about the vid) 4k video underneath.

Longest days


Down hill from here.

It will be back to school before you know it – The sun has swung around and heading south once more.

Had some good walks – river walks

Shot some good time lapse – Rather windy.

June22-2019 from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

Rainy day road trip


Off to Lincoln and Franconia today.

We have been wanting to visit the mountain wanderer book shop for some time now and today seemed like the perfect day for it.  Forty-Five minutes from Mittenstock and over the pass (where there was still plenty of snow) lies the town of Lincoln and the Mountain Wanderer book shop.  If you are a fan of the area and a hiker – this is a must visit. Owner Steve Smith is well known in the area as a well of information on all topics White Mountains. Do visit his blog for a fabulous resource of information on hikes and destinations you would probably not have thought of or even knew about.

We enjoyed a long chin wag with Steve and secured a new stack of literature for Mittenstock in the process.

After that we drove up to Cannon and had a look around. Cold, windy and wet (as it has been for so long this spring). I realized that I had not been back to Cannon for over 35 years. I had to stop to snap a shot of WG ridge as well as ‘Old Cannon’ where you can clearly see the face plant of the old man at the top of the slabs. Back in the day I climbed over his ear and around the cables, iron rods and epoxy that held him together.

Fun quick road trip despite the weather – with promises to return under fairer skies for future adventures.

The Whitney Gilman Ridge rising up into the clouds on a cold wet day
Cannon slabs with the pink rock scar from the collapse of the old man of the mountains.