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The warm up


Coming in on peak – this, the weekend before Columbus Day is the warm up.

We drove up to the top of Crawfords and back on Friday

A nice early fall sunset followed,

Saturday began with a quick trip down to the Pine Barrens,

The day is a little cloudy –
But it would clear up nicely – Picnic time?

I made us some dinner and off to Blackcap – even at 6PM there was only a single parking spot left. Popular place. We would descend by head lamp and find that only a single car, ours, remained in the gravel lot. True adventure style points were gained.


Here is a longer version of the drone shot from the house.

I went up to 500′ so I could peek over oak ridge and see Washington.

And last but not least – the big ass panorama – if you have the bandwidth


RDC 22 and more..


The quick slides from last week and part of this…


Blueberry Sky


Blueberry picking time – in the late July heat

We got up there early to beat the crazy heat.

Not much fruit on the bush so far. Picked about a pint.


July –



At Mittenstock the weekend after the 4th..

Dry weather – great temperatures and glorious sunsets.

Even without clouds – nailing the sunset shot this weekend.


We went up to rocky gorge and back from the C bridge.


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I would say we came across more people than usual on this frequent walk of ours. But really for the most part you feel as you have it all for yourself.

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It was so clear all day –

yet far from a plain sunset

DayIntoNight Tonight


I filmed this tonight. Pulled the sound track from my printable audio files..


Shot it on the Z5 w/ 28mm at 2.8

Then this show happened,

mic drop


Nuff said.



Two weeks ago, when we were here last, It was a little too chilly to hang on the deck – and the heat was on. Tonight it is almost too hot to hang on the deck and the AC is on.


Such undeserved fortune is this. This life I live. Tell me where to point my thanks.


Last day of April


We once more turned to Nanamocamuck for a river walk. This time all the way up to Rocky Gorge and back (seven miles).

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On the way out of town


I pulled over to grab this classic perspective on the way out of town Sunday.

A couple of beaver lodges in the foreground, and the rock pile under significant snow up the valley. Classic spring MWV view.

Six weeks later


A return to Mittenstock, six weeks after here last –

Sunset, Friday night.

The weather was clear and warmish (low 50’s)

Friday night lights

Saturday would bring a walk, up Olivarian – a favorite of ours.