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Up and down again at King Pine.

Windless with bluebird skies – the twenty-four degree temperature felt like summer.. compared to days earlier in the week.

Same route – up and down slow pokey pine..



Sam is able to go for walks (short ones) so that’s what we did –

The trails off the bridge were polished white ice – not great, but we got up into the woods a bit and were able to let them loose and run about. They loved it. So did we.



When I ski, I have buds in. I run chubby buttons on my sleeve and the volume is at 11.

Ott is the seasons hit – and my go to tunes for swishing the slopes the last few times out. This is my play list so far for the week ahead.

Up for it

Just starting out

After a strong day downhill on the boards yesterday (Friday) today would be uphill focused.

After a day of accumulating snow and wind, today would be big blue and sunny

Morning from Mittenstock

Our folly for the day would be up Cranmore – like Gibson to Easy Street etc..

Just starting out

Sally remarked early out of the base “I don’t know about this…”

I could not argue the reality and sudden impact going up can be. We would not be being licked by kittens today.

Outside the rope

We came up something that was not groomed after we passed Schnieder. It was a hoot grinding up the mountain in better than 15″ of fresh snow.

Back on groomers

We were back on the groomers at the bottom of easy street. Getting near the end.

Just around the corner

I was feeling good as we slid across the last false flat before the top out. Sun was out. We were warm.

One last climb to the top

Up over the south slope headwall and we were done


Sally could muster a smile coming over the top


Time to turn over

We took the bench outside of Meisters.

Recovery beverage

We enjoyed an agave based recovery beverage on the cold and windy summit.

The classic view
The wind was up

Thats about it.

Almost 90 minutes up and 2 minutes down.

We had some mutual ski boot revelations on the way down –

Back home
Black was uphill – red was down.

UP and Down at KP

At the top

§012321184042 KP up and down


We got some human powered seasons passes at King Pine today. $50 for the season for access to the mountain for skinning as well as the X-C trails and ice skating. Not bad.

Parking in the north lot at the bear lift is 20 minutes from the house and 2 mintues from stepping in for the skin up – which took 25 minutes on our first edition . Up slow pokey pine to the picnic tables in the glade up top.

It was a cool 15 degrees with a strong west wind gusting to 25kts. The shell stayed on for the run up.

At the top there is a series of picnic benches. We had a drink of water, took the skins off and got ready for the drop back down. It woul take less than two minutes.

The mountain was crowded but we were not affected much. it was an easy drop back down slow pokey pine (love that name) and back to the car. Twenty more minutes and we were back home. Not bad.

My legs were hammered when I woke up this morning after a solid 20k at cranmore (first time out for the season really) and I was proud that we both agreed to head out around 2pm to get our pass and climb king pine.

My legs will be hammerd when I wake up tomorrow – Just guessing…

Late start to an off season


Saturday January 9 was first day out – and for us it was on skins to start followed by a single ride on the quad. The conditions were not great – the mountain was run well and C more did a good job for social distancing. I would rate it 8/10.

We need more snow – and no weekends. Just not worth it.




Visiting friends and family down the valley in Holderness on Squam lake.

We gathered up at Longview then hiked a near by classic. It was raining on the drive in and looking grim for a hike but as if on que the rain stopped and patches of sun and clear sky could be found.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The hike up was moderate but was still kicking my inactive wreck of a body. Time to shed some covid pounds..

The view from the top was typical Holderness / Squam magic. We popped the top on the energy drink and enjoyed the view before continuing the loop back to longview.

There was just enough light in the sky for a drone launch and I took the opportunity, and glad that I did. I flew past O’dark 30 and continued to fly in the moonlight. So nice there.

Thankful for family and friends – and we missed those of you who were not with us to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a classic NH gathering on the day.

I cut a shorter version of just the moon shots also,

Black Friday


First flights with the new pocket drone.



BlackFriday from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

BF2 from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.


Giving Thanks

Black Friday Sunrise

A unique edition of the Thanksgiving holiday – different yet somehow the same as we have spent for the past seven or so years (since acquiring Mittenstock). The five of us gathered at our little spot in the mountains for a dinner and associated traditions.  While for many, travel to family was cut out of the holiday this year, we have been spending the holiday like this for some years now.

November 25, 2020

The drive over on Wednesday was almost white knuckle in spots. Snowing lightly all the way and accumulating on cold roadways. I think the temperature was around 24 degrees or so. All four wheels were slipping up the final rise that is the driveway here.  It was nice to arrive to a seasonal while blanket. A key seasonal ingredient for me.

November 27, 2014

In not too distant memory we have had some significant snowfall around this holiday. I think it was four years ago I was able to put on my backcountry ski’s and drop the water line on 12-15″ of nature made fresh powder. Sa Weeeet.

Thanksgiving Day 2020

This year, the day was cold foggy and wet. I think we had a high of around 33 and dense fog and light rain. You could not see a thing off the deck. Which allowed us to focus on a day of games, watching the parade and cooking a Wonderfull meal.

Black Friday Sunrise


Today (Black Friday) it is warmer – and we will likely be hiking later today with temperatures in the upper 40’s and bright sun. I hope to get the new mini drone out for some field testing.

The changeover


Hard to think of snow on a day like today. November 7 and we had a high around 70 – the doors and windows were open wide at Mittenstock. Taking the opportunity to air out the house to bottom one more time.

It was also time to do the changeover. Move summer gear into storage and pull the winter gear to front and center once more. Time to air out the gear and make sure it is all fit for function for the season ahead.

Going to be a strange season with Covid. Ski area operations will be constrained and getting in over fifty laps in a day at Cranmore will be a memory of last year and something to look forward to again come next.

In preparations for what is to come – we are now both set up with AT gear. My seven year old Black Diamond Coverts and LaSportiva Spectre boots seem up to the task of another season. I have a few million feet of vert on them but this will be the year of going up.

It was after 7 when we closed the windows for the night. Amazing weather. A fun day.