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Nuff said.



Two weeks ago, when we were here last, It was a little too chilly to hang on the deck – and the heat was on. Tonight it is almost too hot to hang on the deck and the AC is on.


Such undeserved fortune is this. This life I live. Tell me where to point my thanks.


Last day of April


We once more turned to Nanamocamuck for a river walk. This time all the way up to Rocky Gorge and back (seven miles).

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On the way out of town


I pulled over to grab this classic perspective on the way out of town Sunday.

A couple of beaver lodges in the foreground, and the rock pile under significant snow up the valley. Classic spring MWV view.

Six weeks later


A return to Mittenstock, six weeks after here last –

Sunset, Friday night.

The weather was clear and warmish (low 50’s)

Friday night lights

Saturday would bring a walk, up Olivarian – a favorite of ours.

Another week of winter


Snow on Tuesday night led to 3″ of fresh dry powder on top of cold cord groom – The best runs of the season – near the best of my life. Hero snow was everywhere.

Snow on Wednesday night brought 7″ of dry powder on top of the cold cord groom. Hard going – most of the mountain was deep powder skiing – and while it looks cool – it is a LOT of work.

I managed to open and close Wednesday and Thursday and then Sally joined for Friday where another 25k was had under cold blue sunny skies – delightful.

130k for the week and up to 450 for the season –

More to come?

We shall see….



Day three this week – crossed the 300k mark for the season. Still not sure on 500 let alone another big year – It takes some time and effort to rack up that kind of vert.

Cold again – and without the afternoon sun – it was hard to rally for the last hour. I got off the mountain with only 42k for the day.


The grind –


First big effort to rack up the vert this week.

Taking some time from work for some concentrated effort on the slopes.

Cold so far this week but forecast to warm up.

Despite state meets – I have been able to ski almost non-stop – right on to the lift every turn.

The snow table is down – after last weeks warmth – but is is like the most durable foam core base you can imagine…

Winter at last


At last



Up and down again at King Pine.

Windless with bluebird skies – the twenty-four degree temperature felt like summer.. compared to days earlier in the week.

Same route – up and down slow pokey pine..