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Up for it

After a strong day downhill on the boards yesterday (Friday) today would be uphill focused. After a day of accumulating snow and wind, today would be big blue and sunny Our folly for the day would be up Cranmore – like Gibson to Easy Street etc.. Sally remarked early out of the base “I don’t […]

UP and Down at KP

§012321184042 KP up and down #blogpost We got some human powered seasons passes at King Pine today. $50 for the season for access to the mountain for skinning as well as the X-C trails and ice skating. Not bad. Parking in the north lot at the bear lift is 20 minutes from the house and […]

Late start to an off season

Saturday January 9 was first day out – and for us it was on skins to start followed by a single ride on the quad. The conditions were not great – the mountain was run well and C more did a good job for social distancing. I would rate it 8/10. We need more snow […]


Visiting friends and family down the valley in Holderness on Squam lake. We gathered up at Longview then hiked a near by classic. It was raining on the drive in and looking grim for a hike but as if on que the rain stopped and patches of sun and clear sky could be found. The […]

Black Friday

First flights with the new pocket drone. Pleased.   BlackFriday from Michael Hassey on Vimeo. BF2 from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.  

Giving Thanks

A unique edition of the Thanksgiving holiday – different yet somehow the same as we have spent for the past seven or so years (since acquiring Mittenstock). The five of us gathered at our little spot in the mountains for a dinner and associated traditions.  While for many, travel to family was cut out of […]

The changeover

Hard to think of snow on a day like today. November 7 and we had a high around 70 – the doors and windows were open wide at Mittenstock. Taking the opportunity to air out the house to bottom one more time. It was also time to do the changeover. Move summer gear into storage […]

I kinda stopped

I barely have enough to keep one blog going - let alone two. The starting of mymainelife has detracted COMPLETELY from my posting here. As a matter of fact it has been over a year since I posted an entry. I need to figure out the vector between the two outlets and commit. Anyway, back [...]

Oak Ridge

Chocorua is such a lens magnet – I purposely avoided it for a few frames. Oak ridge is in form – Strong orange band. Still lots of seasonal color to be had on this last weekend of October.

First Flakes

Snow on the rockpile today – We drove up to Pinkham the back way (Dundee) through Jackson. W was covered in clouds yesterday so we took the boys back to Foss this afternoon. So nice up there. So loving fall – So looking forward to winter!

Foss Mountain

The Foss Mountain surprise Crazy road to get out there but a short walk (just over half a mile) up a gentle grade to get to this magical spot in New Hampshire. Like I had done in the big media post a couple of days ago- I shot some panoramas. Thats a little one – […]

The bridge formed up this morning

A couple of nice shots if you like rainbows.