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Things I did today


Some shots from the day..

Pine Barrens


Nice place for a morning walk on a day like today


Up on Downes

power shot

Second time this month – a walk up to the big slide and back.

Such a sweet late season day. The valley is full as are the parking lots, but the amazing thing about Downes is nobody is on it. We had the five miles to ourselves today.

What if I jinxed it – The ski season that is…


I have been on AT ski’s for the past five seasons. They are getting beat up, as am I from running Tokyo drift down the piste all day.

I went to Stan and Dan’s (a valley fixture) and Peter hooked me up with some new kit for the season ahead.

All I need now is some poles which I will pick up when I pick up the kit next week.


And some snow. Not asking for much – just a season like last one. Please?

A Very Big Rock in New Hampshire.


Madison Boulder.

Just two miles away lies the big rock. A quite, peaceful walk with the boys this morning…


Thought to be the worlds largest glacial erratic –

Good times



I shot this on my phone while on Black Cap for dinner and a sunset in celebration of Murphy’s seventh birthday.

I composed, preformed and recorded the music a couple months ago.

It confirms my suspicions that what I compose is suited for short film.

It also confirms my suspicions that I am living a blessed life.


Hope you enjoy the movie…

Good Times from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.

Black Cap for Murphy’s Birthday


Birthday walk with the pups up for dinner on Black Cap tonight.

The photogenic nature of the place did not disappoint.

Quick movie pan –


Friday the Thirteenth


The Thirteenth.

I felt lucky today…

Drove over in the morning – working from the deck this afternoon and this evening. Air is chill and the sky is clear. The sun is now dropping towards Wonalancet and there is a distinct feeling that must be reconciled. Summer is over.

The Movie





Downes Brook on Labor Day Weekend


Despite the parking lot at overflow – We encountered but one other couple today on our out and back along the classic Downes Brook Trail.

We went up to the fifth crossing then found a nice pool to enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Still working on the video, but here is the day in pictures –

And the video from the day will have to wait – filled up all available disk space while transcoding it….

Memories of Squam -19

The classic Yard Island View

A work in process, but here it is so far….

Click through the thumbs, but be advised that some of them are full size pro-res jpg’s – but WORTH it


New gallery – now with more smiles… and smaller files (faster load times)


On Squam from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.