After a strong day downhill on the boards yesterday (Friday) today would be uphill focused.

After a day of accumulating snow and wind, today would be big blue and sunny

Morning from Mittenstock

Our folly for the day would be up Cranmore – like Gibson to Easy Street etc..

Just starting out

Sally remarked early out of the base “I don’t know about this…”

I could not argue the reality and sudden impact going up can be. We would not be being licked by kittens today.

Outside the rope

We came up something that was not groomed after we passed Schnieder. It was a hoot grinding up the mountain in better than 15″ of fresh snow.

Back on groomers

We were back on the groomers at the bottom of easy street. Getting near the end.

Just around the corner

I was feeling good as we slid across the last false flat before the top out. Sun was out. We were warm.

One last climb to the top

Up over the south slope headwall and we were done


Sally could muster a smile coming over the top


Time to turn over

We took the bench outside of Meisters.

Recovery beverage

We enjoyed an agave based recovery beverage on the cold and windy summit.

The classic view
The wind was up

Thats about it.

Almost 90 minutes up and 2 minutes down.

We had some mutual ski boot revelations on the way down –

Back home
Black was uphill – red was down.

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