§012321184042 KP up and down


We got some human powered seasons passes at King Pine today. $50 for the season for access to the mountain for skinning as well as the X-C trails and ice skating. Not bad.

Parking in the north lot at the bear lift is 20 minutes from the house and 2 mintues from stepping in for the skin up – which took 25 minutes on our first edition . Up slow pokey pine to the picnic tables in the glade up top.

It was a cool 15 degrees with a strong west wind gusting to 25kts. The shell stayed on for the run up.

At the top there is a series of picnic benches. We had a drink of water, took the skins off and got ready for the drop back down. It woul take less than two minutes.

The mountain was crowded but we were not affected much. it was an easy drop back down slow pokey pine (love that name) and back to the car. Twenty more minutes and we were back home. Not bad.

My legs were hammered when I woke up this morning after a solid 20k at cranmore (first time out for the season really) and I was proud that we both agreed to head out around 2pm to get our pass and climb king pine.

My legs will be hammerd when I wake up tomorrow – Just guessing…

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