The view from the deck has improved..

First clear morning since the cut.

I shot this from a tripod on the deck. It is a composite HDR two frame panorama composed from three frame single stop HDR images on the FX sensor of the D810. I believe that nikon raw uncompressed is around 70 mb / frame – roughly 420MB of raw data. The featured image for this post is a massively reduced JPG. The high res jpg here by comparison. Still compressed. If you click that link, let it load, and on most browsers, click it again you will get the compressed yet full size composition.  For the truly interested, I exported the composition to DNG and you can find that here. Do a save as on that link and load it in whatever you use for DNG’s . Thems a lot of pixels.

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I ran a single axis (pan) motion head on Saturday and Sunday this holiday weekend. This was the result.