Or Boulder Loop Trail…

This could be the first time around it since the burn last year..

Up the west side trail – to the view then back. Three easy miles with great views.

Recent clearing and cutting activity affords views towards rainbow slabs and table mountain
The fire burned for a couple three days or so. November 13th 2016 was when it started. It took a rainstorm to put it out.

I watched the burn last November from Mittenstock and grabbed some of the action in a time lapse I shot on the day. At times the house was quite smokey smelling as the wind took the smoke right down the valley towards us.

From the front porch at Mittenstock you have no trouble spotting the overlook at the top of boulder loop trail. It is five and a half miles distant. I shot a bearing on the compass before heading out so I might reverse the bearing and definitively photograph Mittenstock from the top. This was the result.

In the right third – lower down from middle you can clearly see Mittenstock with the two skylights and the stove pipe between them. Click into the attachment and you will have no problem full size…


The day was nice while we were out – Raining as I post this, but we got the obligatory poster shots..


Caught this vulture cruising the updraft from the cliffs.


Looking west towards east ledges and Pasaconway.

Lady Slipper Season…


Back to the car. Still a little between seasons. The area was not crowded at all.