We set out for DogBone Ridge this morning. 14″ of fresh on the ground and we were able to strap on the snow shoes on the front porch and head off right from the house.

Leaving the back yard

We were not out more than twenty yards when Sally got trapped, twisted and went down. Lucky for her there were a couple of Goldens to help in recovery.

Down she goes


The trail for the most part follows skidder track which also carries some melt.

We were not that far into the days adventure when we realized there was a developing problem.

Some significant snow balls were starting to accumulate on the fuzzy undercarriage of the pups.

We had to reverse – head back and clean up the Goldens.

The cleanup involved warm water and bathtubs and resembled a scene from a Disney movie before long.


SnowBalls from Michael Hassey on Vimeo.