Off to Lincoln and Franconia today.

We have been wanting to visit the mountain wanderer book shop for some time now and today seemed like the perfect day for it.  Forty-Five minutes from Mittenstock and over the pass (where there was still plenty of snow) lies the town of Lincoln and the Mountain Wanderer book shop.  If you are a fan of the area and a hiker – this is a must visit. Owner Steve Smith is well known in the area as a well of information on all topics White Mountains. Do visit his blog for a fabulous resource of information on hikes and destinations you would probably not have thought of or even knew about.

We enjoyed a long chin wag with Steve and secured a new stack of literature for Mittenstock in the process.

After that we drove up to Cannon and had a look around. Cold, windy and wet (as it has been for so long this spring). I realized that I had not been back to Cannon for over 35 years. I had to stop to snap a shot of WG ridge as well as ‘Old Cannon’ where you can clearly see the face plant of the old man at the top of the slabs. Back in the day I climbed over his ear and around the cables, iron rods and epoxy that held him together.

Fun quick road trip despite the weather – with promises to return under fairer skies for future adventures.

The Whitney Gilman Ridge rising up into the clouds on a cold wet day
Cannon slabs with the pink rock scar from the collapse of the old man of the mountains.