Visiting friends and family down the valley in Holderness on Squam lake.

We gathered up at Longview then hiked a near by classic. It was raining on the drive in and looking grim for a hike but as if on que the rain stopped and patches of sun and clear sky could be found.

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The hike up was moderate but was still kicking my inactive wreck of a body. Time to shed some covid pounds..

The view from the top was typical Holderness / Squam magic. We popped the top on the energy drink and enjoyed the view before continuing the loop back to longview.

There was just enough light in the sky for a drone launch and I took the opportunity, and glad that I did. I flew past O’dark 30 and continued to fly in the moonlight. So nice there.

Thankful for family and friends – and we missed those of you who were not with us to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a classic NH gathering on the day.

I cut a shorter version of just the moon shots also,

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