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Closing Day Weekend


The keys are ours –

It was SO hot and humid – lots of work to move in, but move in we have

We cleared a mountain of brush and  saplings from in front of the deck (fifteen years over due for that job) we installed the home automation, cleaned it like never before, and began to personalize it.

Slept well the night before the closing. Slept well the night after the closing. That must mean something.

Because I still can


One week to the day before closing on MittenStock…
Fifth consecutive year.
110 miles
6200 feet


Napkin.napkin 06-24-13 12.58.54 PM

Inspection Day Pictures


These are mostly shots from they day we did home inspection. It was hot, and we had a nice thunderstorm sweep across the valley..


Hedge Hog – Again


Loosing track of how many times we have done this – Never gets old though..


First impressions


_DSC8811 _DSC8890 _DSC8856