I remember my first hard disk. Five and a quarter inch full hight Ten megabyte aftermarket hard drive for the original IBM PC.

Here are two photographic compositions from this morning. I say compositions because each one is composed of multiple exposures. The first is a simple three shot panorama merged in Lightroom then exported as both a jpeg (the one in this post) and an un-compressed tiff file that you can find here if you have a really fast internet connection and are interested in seeing. It is large. Read on to find out how large.

The second one is a two shot panorama made from two five shot HDR’s (so that’s ten frames in total) You can find the ‘full res’ version here.


Both of these shots are massively reduced to be workable for a blog post. Consider the first shot.Call it 630MB.  It would have taken seven of my original hard disks to hold this single photo – It would have take fourteen of them to have enough space to process this single composition (between the originals, the stitch and merge and the export to tiff). If you had told me back then that one day I would be doing such things I doubt I would have believed you. Perhaps – just not in my lifetime.


Anyway – enjoy the view. I sure did.



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